Sunday, January 13, 2008

the end is nigh

There are 71 pages of bag patterns on ravelry. That's a lot of bags. I saw a really cute purse at a restaurant yesterday, and immediately started thinking of how I'd recreate it in knitting, but I wanted to make sure that there was nothing like it already out there, at least for the easily-accessible "out there" I have available to me. Just two designs that are something like, and both are much more clunky than I'd like to make, although felted knit is a difficult medium for delicacy. Leather handles would help; that's my main dislike of felted bags for my own use as a purse, the fuzzy, stretchy straps.

I can think this way, because Quietude is almost written (I have to write the word-for-word lace instructions, for those who won't read charts) and the baby blanket is on its very last round. I have a huge number of design ideas, all clamoring for attention, as well as a renewed interest in things I made for myself (with long-unavailable yarn) that I now think would be good to write up. I wish I were a better photographer. I took photos of Quietude on my dressmaker's dummy, and, well, it could look nicer. Say, with a model. And someone who could actually take photos. I'm hoping that exposure at the Fashion Show will drive sales at Stitches, but it would be nice to have a better photo for later on.

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