Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cross post

Well, it's not knitting with local yarn, but I'm calling it a cross post. I planned, sourced and prepared the menu for a fundraising dinner for 60 people this past Saturday, and the dinner was held at Eulipia in downtown San José. Mike Borkenhagen, the chef at Eulipia, was incredibly generous in making this dinner a wonderful event. So I knit him a hat as a thank you.

I read in the Lion Brand blog that Afghans for Afghans is having a very quick drive for wool items for kids 7-14. Very quick in that everything has to be in San Francisco by 29 October to make it on the boat. After a very silly mitten indeed yesterday, I refined my technique in using my scrap basket, and am about one third of the way through a much more functional pair of mittens. They match perfectly, because I am knitting them at the same time from both ends of each ball of yarn.

I'll try to get a hat done before the deadline.