Monday, July 7, 2008

Stash of Stashes

One can posit the set of all sets, but it leads to paradoxes. So I'll just talk about my stashes separately, not as the stash of all stashes. Paradoxical my stashes may be, but not is a way that would involve Georg Cantor.

So I have a jam stash.

It's the compulsive enhancement that qualifies it as a stash. I volunteer for a group that gleans fruit from backyard trees and small orchards, and I end up with a lot of fruit. Last Tuesday it was 45 pounds of ripe apricots. I make a lot of jam.

There are smaller stashes. Like buttons


and trim


(kind of messy, that one.) I have lots of fabric


knitting and crochet magazines


and books.


Of course, the main stash is the yarn stash. It's all in the same room. but cannot be encompassed in one photograph.



more yarn


I could put it all on Ravelry. i could. I know that larger stashes than mine have been. But I'm not going to.

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Jocelyn said...

Are those Burda Sewing magazines? I stopped my subscription -- want my stash -- had to clear them out for other magazines...