Friday, July 4, 2008

And another thing

I was thinking about what I had posted, and realized that I had left out a few things.

I never see a pattern, decide to make it, and go out to buy yarn for it. In fact, I can think of only one time in my life I've ever done that, for my seed stitch tank, for which I went totally overboard and ordered the actual color card for Berroco Pronto and then ordered the yarn.

I buy yarn for its own sake, like how Jocelyn says her real hobby is collecting yarn.

And I know I'm being quite tiresome about this, but I'm trying not to buy any more yarn at present. This means that I am not au courant with current trends in fiber like bamboo or milk, and this actually puts somewhat of a crimp in my design activities.

I left out the category of Yarns I Physically Enjoy the Action of Working With, which would be merino wool, hands down.

And the idiot knitcheting is really just what I prefer in the moment. I enjoy very much the process of designing a sweater, of considering what the yarn would like to be, of perusing the stitch dictionaries and doing the calculations. I enjoy learning and using new techniques. But when I want to sit down and just work with my hands, then I'd rather not have to think.

Just thought I'd clear that up.

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Jocelyn said...

I did say something like that...and to prove that I do indeed live by it...did you see my latest stash addition? 9 sks of pink fingering weight yarn. What does one do with 3720 yds of pink yarn? 9 pairs of socks? 3 tanks? 1 lacy coat? The possibilities are endless.