Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Well, I'm glad I remembered my password. Hello there! I've been busy making Christmas presents and designing things (often at the same time) but not too busy actually writing up patterns or taking photos. But I have some here, so allow me to show them off.

This is my trainer, who, while telling me the story of her wardrobe consultation, and the Cleaning Out of the Closet, revealed that she had never before realized how fond she was of "soft wraps." I knew she didn't mean the ones with grilled veggies. She confessed this morning that, although she hadn't been dropping hints when she said that, she had cherished hopes for something handmade. Nice to be appreciated.

After I gave my best friend some mitts back in January, she told me her kids kept borrowing them. So here's one for her daughter

and one for her son. The green ones are Green Thumb, the blue ones use the thumb shaping from Jocelyn.

I made a slew of other things, but most of them are from another new design. Given my recent history, I am loathe to make any promises, but they are at the top of my mental to-do list.

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