Monday, January 5, 2009

Año Nuevo photos

On New Year's Day itself, I took my husband and two friends on an after-hours walk, after my two regular walks were done. Here I am in my official red jacket:

SInce it's still pretty early in the season, we got to go far out on to the point, although we still had to skirt some bulls that were shifting around in the brush. I'm sure by now, those areas are closed. We watched a beta bull try to put the moves on a female (if you click through to Flickr and look at the large size, you can see his little nose and rather comical expression, and the female beneath him is roaring her displeasure.)


This caught the attention of the alpha bull, who reared up to shake his nose and put a stop to this nonsense. In the foreground you can see a nursing pup.


Out on the point, the low sun made for an atmospheric view, and there was lots of sparring among the males.


That's Año Nuevo Island in the background.

My next walk is the 19th, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I hope the weather is as nice.

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