Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Looming Presence

I drove up to San Francisco today to attend the Craft Magazine issue 8 release party at the very curious Curiosity Shoppe in the Mission.

As seen on the cover, Travis Meinolf himself was there

patiently teaching people to cut out their own heddles from index cards

and then weave!

(These iPhone photos really look as though they were taken underwater!) I got a few inches done before relinquishing my cuphook on the wall to another weaver.

The latest issue of Craft has a pre-printed heddle on cardstock, ready to cut out.

I met Natalie and the other Craft folk, and I brought my little tabletop loom along, since it had never been to a party. Travis gave me some tips for warping it, and now I'm all fired up and ready to go. (I bought the loom on ebay several years ago, and it has sat in my craft room, lonely and forlorn, ever since.)

The Curiosity Shoppe is curious because it is so precious that I can't understand how it sells enough to pay the rent. But you can check it out yourself, if you've a mind; the weaving party returns tomorrow (Sunday the 10th.) Then you can go to Mission Pie afterward and bring home a Suncrest peach pie. Mmmm....pie......

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