Sunday, February 24, 2008

Final Stitches Post

So I wasn't actually done with Stitches on Friday. My daughter wanted to go, so we hit the market for an hour this morning, before I had to go work at Yarndogs again. I took a picture of our lovely booth:


That's John, my daughter, and Kristine posing. Then we walked around and I got a another photo of me with my hero, Jennifer Hansen, the Stitch Diva:


We look fabulous, if I do say so myself.

An hour isn't that long, but it was long enough for us. I got to show off my daughter to my knitting friends.

And then another busy day at Yarndogs, where almost every customer had already been to Stitches, and was coming to the store to buy more yarn!


Alison said...

I came by the Yarndogs booth to see your babydoll top - it is so pretty. It was busy so I didnt stop - but busy is good right?

Cris said...

You should be so proud of the sweater you designed for the fashion shop. Rick didn't comment on many of the sweaters. But he did on yours, which means it stood out.