Friday, February 22, 2008

Digital cameras can take more than one photo

Stitches West 2008 has started. I worked at the yarn store for a while, then hot-footed it over to Santa Clara to get to the ravelry meetup. It was great. I know I'm the nth person to say this, but Jess and Casey are so, so sweet. I told them how much ravelry means to me, and my hopes that it would be a cool, disruptive force in the knitting world. And I took this incredibly unflattering photo of the two of them:


And only the one. Everyone in the world wanted to talk to them, so I didn't keep bugging them.

Then I sat at a table and crocheted, and Amy, aka Sputnik, came up to chat. She was wearing a beautiful Alice Starmore sweater that got many compliments as the evening wore on. The ravelry meetup morphed seamlessly into the Stitches West intro do, and Amy and I went up to show off our sweaters. I was wearing my Optic, which I finished four days ago and have barely taken off since. I really should block the side cables, since they pull up to give a real Persian flare to the silhouette, but how can I block it if I'm always wearing it?


The Stitches teachers all filed in to be introduced, and I clapped wildly and yelled when my SIL's name was announced, earning me some weird looks. And after the do, Rick Mondragon led the whole room of us into the Market by a side door.

Amy and I saw maybe half of the floor in 2 hours. I didn't buy any yarn, and it was actually pretty easy not to, although I may end up going back for some Fleece Artist CamelSpin. But I may not. How much hand-dyed yarn does a person need? You gotta love the name CamelSpin, though.

But trim, that's another story. There's a new vendor at Stitches with the most amazing display of trim and buttons, Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods. Beautiful stuff. And I got my ravelry passport stamped everywhere except Blue Moon, who were swamped. This is the biggest Stitches ever, anywhere, and the market really is overwhelming.

So I'm headed back there is a few minutes, to work the booth for 8 hours, then to see Quietude in the fashion show!

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TurquoizBlue said...

So lucky! Thanks for sharing. Your jacket is a beautiful marriage of knit/crochet.