Saturday, September 29, 2007

Baby Stitches

I make a quick trip up to Oakland this afternoon, to hit the market at the TKGA/CGOA Knit & Crochet Show. My stated reason for the 45 minute drive each way was to obtain a larger size Tunisian crochet hook, from the Stitch Diva, aka Jennifer Hansen, my hero. But, as luck would have it, they were sold out, so I had to settle for an order and the promise of free shipping. So I bought some yarn. I got some yak yarn from Y2Knit, some hand-dyed cashmere-silk from Argosy Luxury Yarns some hand-dyed bamboo-wool-acrylic fingering weight yarn from the Knitter's Studio (which they are having dyed just for them) and a bunch of very soft wool from the mysterious Yarn Place of Sunnyvale.

Rather a lot, really.

The market reminds me of Stitches seven or eight years ago, although it's even smaller. I like the variety of classes they offer at this conference, and I took one last year, on double-ended hook stitches from Darla Fanton. But the classes I find compelling are few and far between, no matter where they are.

I obviously found the market compelling today, however.

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